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Rotary Connection (1967)Edit

Rotary Connection - Rotary Connection
Rotary Connection
  1. Amen
  2. Rapid Transit
  3. Turn Me On
  4. Pink Noise
  5. Lady Jane
  6. Like a Rolling Stone
  7. Soul Man
  8. Sursum Mentes
  9. Didn't Want to Have to Do It
  10. Black Noise
  11. Memory Band
  12. Ruby Tuesday
  13. Rotary Connection

Aladdin (1968)Edit

Rotary Connection - Aladdin
  1. Life Could
  2. Teach Me How To Fly
  3. V.I.P.
  4. Let Them Talk
  5. I Took A Ride (Caravan)
  6. Aladdin
  7. Magical World
  8. I Must Be There
  9. I Feel Sorry
  10. Paper Castle

Peace (1968)Edit

Rotary Connection - Peace
  1. Opening Round
  2. Silent Night
  3. Christmas Love
  4. Last Call For Peace
  5. Shopping Bag Menagerie
  6. Silent Night
  7. Christmas Child
  8. Peace At Least
  9. Santa's Little Helpers
  10. Sidewalk Santa
  11. If Peace Was All We Had
  12. Silent Night Chant
  13. Silence

Other SongsEdit

  1. I Am The Black God Of The Sun (featuring Minnie Riperton)

Additional information

Years active:
  • 1966-1974
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