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What's Your Universe Built Upon

This song is by Rossomahaar and appears on the album Regnum Somni (2003).

"We're Born Alone
And We Must Face Death Alone

Everyone must die
Whether in pain or at peace

Destruction and demise
What a charming view
Sufeer your salvation
Enjoy my scornful pain

Take a look at these haunted horizons
Enflamed, enraged, disgusting
In their beauty

Aren't you fascinated?
Scared to death almost dead
Though fascinated
Withering yet in hope

The prophecy had not been fulfilled
The spell had no been cast
It's only life which suddenly ceased
To exit finally and at last

The mushroom clouds we avoked
Sunset's and sundown's play with colors
Of tremendous origin
The plague we brought onto ourselves

Engarved into a sullen sleep
For a thousand of ages
To awake and dream of a better living
To cease and be avaken

"Everyone must die
Whether in pain or at peace
We made our choice
Our peace your pain

Our beloved microcosm
Your hatred universe

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