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Obscurity in Progress

This song is by Rossomahaar and appears on the album Regnum Somni (2003).

The instinct of survival's laid to rest
The lives of those we loved'd burnt down the spiral
The world we knew's no longer a world for us

Emptiness of a living thing
Hate in oblivion, charity in stress
All exits open

No child's to be born
No life's to be revived
No feeling's to be felt

Enter chaos of this zero hour
Climb up these (cyclopean) towers
...And murder your dreams

Slaughter the loser
Unbreak the chains of compassion
... And face the bette world

A world of no human intervention
New and improved
... Our dominions perished...
Pain's no longer a pain
Suffering's no longer a suffering
Both are just perfect joy

A little bit of torture
A little bit of hatred
... And the picture's complete

Tellus eliminated
Dreams all broken
The aftermath thunders our
Monument of egodrama

We're all alone
Obscurity's in progress

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