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Multilayered Chaos (A Divinity For The Worthless)

This song is by Rossomahaar and appears on the compilation album A Divinity for the Worthless (2004).

Miserable shades of miserable shapes
Dethroned kings of nonexistent reigns
Desperate mothers of desperate suns
The so-called elite of the horde of worms

This world seems so strange to me
These creatures... would they ever rise again?
This universe seems to pale to me
These souls... would they ever find peace again?

A deity, egocentric, a deity, worthless
Open your eyes and take a look at this non-entity!
A deity, megalomaniac, a deity, ruined
You seem to worship it... or am I wrong?

Bloodsoaked deliverance of condemned creation
Warm embrace of coldblooded universe
Million, billion, zillion of crimson-like planets
Perverted minds of perverted souls

The aftermath of betrayal
The morning after
The battle never lost, the battle never won
A divinity for the worthless