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It's Gonna Work Itself Out

This song is by Rose Tattoo and appears on the album Scarred For Life (1982).

Well I know that the world seems so full of trouble
There's so much heartache and pain
And I know that there's times that it seems so futile
To ever wanna try again

There are times I know when you're feeling low
You think that you'll never get a break
But if you let yourself be ruled by these downers
You'll be making such a bad mistake

It's gonna work itself out, it's gonna work itself out
If you're living in doubt, better start to believe
It's gonna work itself out

Well I hear in the news nearly every day
That some new war has begun
And it's so sad thinking that desperate men
Gotta make their way with a gun

And they spray the air with insecticides
Bending mind body and limb
And although it's cruel, we'd all be fools
If we thought we'd have to give in

Well I know there's no use sittin' around
Cryin' over what's been done
Because there's no solution, and givin' up now
The race can still be won

And with a little hard work and determination
You know that you're gonna pull through
So don't ask for nothin', don't look to no one
The future's all, up to you

It's gonna work itself, it's gonna work itself
It's gonna work itself out

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