Rose Polenzani:Polliwog's Lament Lyrics

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Rose Polenzani
This song is performed by Rose Polenzani.
Polliwog in sunset,
razorback in Maine,
bring the bonnie baby
to my lap again.
Ain't no baby cryin',
Ain't no man alive,
needs a barren woman
to be his bonnie bride.

Lonely, I'm so lonely!

Coyote in the moonlight,
watching o'er his prey,
bring that bonnie baby
to my lips today.
Ain't no soul a-growin',
Ain't no breathless frog
leapin' in my body,
heaven's hollow log.

Lonely, I'm so lonely!

Shepherd at the sunrise,
leaning on his cane,
bring that bonnie baby
to my lap again.
Ain't no sheep for flockin',
ain't no reason why
I've neither son nor daughter
to kiss me when I die.

Lonely, I'm so lonely!

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