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Glorybound Train

This song is by Rose Maddox and appears on the album Glorybound Train (1960).

Come and listen won't you brother have you heard or don't you know
There's a train that's bound for Glory will you ride it when it goes
Have you made all preparations reservations are complete
When you hear that whistle blowing will you be there at your seat

Has your ticket yet been purchased for that Glory bound train
Oh will you ride oh will you ride will you ride that train to Glory by and by
All the headlights will be gleaming Jesus is the engineer
Will you ride that train to Glory or will you linger here

When these golden bells start ringing when he calls us all aboard
Will you have your ticket ready for your Saviour and your Lord
Has your ticket yet been purchased...

When through space we will be traveling leave this wicked world of hate
Then we'll know our destinations just beyond those perly gate
There we'll know there'll be no sorrow and no hurt we'll not adore
We shall dwell within his kingdom buy your ticket and be pure
Has your ticket yet been purchased...

When you hear it in the distance hear its mighty drivers roar
Just a little while to tarry then we'll walk those streets of gold
Will those loved ones who have journeyed just a little while ago
Meet you there at heaven's station when the last lone whistle blow
Has your ticket yet been purchased...

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