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What I See

This song is by Rose Cousins and appears on the album We Have Made A Spark (2012).

When you went south for sun and inspiration
Did you find that string of hearts in a star formation
Did you write words that you could sing, but barely stand on

You can fly as high as you ever wanted
Be as you may, fearless, and slightly haunted
Show them baby, this is your time to flaunt it

They can't see what I see
They can't see what I see
But they can be what you want them to be

Your heart will never not be
In constant motion
Did you ever sense the whisper
Of a distant devotion

It's right about now I lose my urge for waiting
Loving you alone yeah it takes some debating
You draw me out but I still need some shading
I still need some shading

You can't see what I see
You can't be what I want you to be

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