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This song is by Rose Cousins and appears on the album The Send Off (2009).

Well hook me up and call me fish bait
You threw your line I didn't hesitate
I was looking for a clean slate
Ways to uncomplicate my love

Then you took my on our first date
We started early and we stayed up late
You and I now we can hardly wait
It's time to celebrate our love

I love you loving me when I wanna be in bed by eight
I love you making stupid faces when I take your portrait
I'm sorry in advance for times I might frustrate
Probably just one of my father's or my mother's traits

Against the walls our hearts reverberate
And everyone will want to imitate
'Cause they can see that we don't fabricate the happy state
Of our love

I love you loving me when I clean my plate
Love like this has been so worth the wait
Loneliness I will not reinstate
'Cause you're my soulmate
My soulmate

I will love you till the pearly gates
We don't need to get our stories straight
Everyone has come to congregate and
Celebrate our love

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