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Milk Crates

This song is by Rosa and appears on the album I, Mississippi, You (2003).

It's about 40 miles, but I think these skinny tires are big enough to make me big enough.
And that's where I want to go. Where do you wanna go?
I memorized your telephone number. Meet me on the back porch. I know the perfect place to go where we can both feel at home.
And it's so hard to feel at home sometimes.
The sky's electric tonight and I'm afraid if I turn around it'll lose its charge.
Just keep pointing up at the sky. Believe me, it means so much that I got this far.
Well I guess something about milk crates, when you stand on them you feel 10 feet tall and I can almost see your house, so keep your front porch light on.
So keep your front porch light on.

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