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Prophet's Song

This song is by Root and appears on the album Kärgeräs (1996).

Blackie / Big Boss

There were the endles space was torn
And the Black Stone gives strength to life,
Where we are born and die in the same instant,
Lost like a speck of futility.

There the women gave birth to Death
When the Black Stone was glowing with life,
And she was a stranger at home
And she will become her own victim.

Your beloved - yet they are false,
Don't believe them, that's what
I beg of you, only He is able to defy,
But he will turn into a Stone.

Oh you, you who understand a song
Don't touch the Stone of Darkness,
Because it is immortal from all who touch it.

So tells the ancient tale that I sing unto you,
But only those who hearken in their hearts will understand ...
Oh you ...

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