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Liber Prohibitus

This song is by Root and appears on the album Black Seal (2001).

(Big Boss / Big Boss)

O, saceros christi, tu scis me esse diabolum. cur me derogas ? (*)

I know the Black Flame,
Which carries the Truth to you.
Mysterious Words of recognition
From the book of Necronomicon.

They speak to you,
But you cannot hear them.
You see them in your dreams,
But you forget them.
Liber Prohibitus, L.B.
Liber Prohibitus, L.B.
Your arteries are changing into snakes,
Your eye-sockets are empty.
Do you remember?
Your bones will turn into stone,
Only flesh is left.
Do you remember?
The Time-honoured Matter of Life
Shines in the eye of Magic.
Do you remember?
Liber Prohibitus, L.B.
Liber Prohibitus, L.B.
Do you remember?

((*) O, you priest of Christ, you must know I am Devil. So why do you provoke me?)

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