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Immortals (Tears Of Stone)

This song is by Root and appears on the album Daemon Viam Invenient (2007).

Extinct looks of the stony Giants,
Witnesses of forgotten Aeons
They talk each other?
When all go to sleep.

Allegorical stories they tell together,
Of the times when the GREAT ruled.
They remember?
When all go to sleep.

Then the Right was the Right,
And Lie was its reverse.
The Stone lives?
When all go to sleep.

They saw it all therefore they know,
How the Creatures came and left.
They sing?
When all go to sleep.

Then the Wise came, created Things,
They turned to nothing, but who knows...,
The Stone breathes?
When all go to sleep.

The Ages passed, the World was incubating,
Which for long forgotten is.
Tears of stone?
When all go to sleep.

Memories turned to dust,
So why to wake the dead from sleep.
We stand here?
Even if all go to sleep.

DAEMON: ...We put a seed of Fright, which he so loved and feared, into the soul of the human. We had to use all the devices we had known. There's no description for the effort we dedicated to our quest.

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