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Corabeu - Part Two

This song is by Root and appears on the album The Book (1999).

Yes I know - our Time has come as well
But it's just illusory!
Again we'll be born out of the Beams
Of the Beams of Suns and cold Moons...
Then again the Lava of all Planets will spring out
And our Power, the Creating Power -

Corabeu - Into us will inspire its Life
Corabeu - Like myriads of Ages ago
Corabeu - And many times before
Corabeu - And we'll be here forever as we are today

Corabeu - But now I am sad
Corabeu - Where are you, oh, where?
Corabeu - So eager for You I'm waiting
Corabeu - My Star is shining now

Tears of my pleasure are running...
So hurry up, hurry up!

The Time of Creating has come...

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