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3, 6 and 9

This song is by Roosevelt Sykes and appears on the compilation album Roosevelt Sykes Vol. 2 (1930-1931) (1992).

Well hello there old gal, you sure looks fine
All I hate you for, that three six and nine

Say no more, and I'll look for you down about half past nine
And I want you to bring along, that girl of mine

You know down here, where you got your steak potatoes and tea
If you act right, you get your gravy free

Well she's all right, a good old kid
But she ain't the gal, a man should be worried with

She's a fine kid too, believe in your big time
But ain't one thing about you, full of that three six and nine

Say who was that guy, you had with you last night
Fine old boy, he was tight

He was dressed fine
But I wanna know what he's for that three six and nine

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