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Sebring Nights

This song is by Rookie Of The Year and appears on the album Having To Let Go (2005).

Almost heaven and here we are.
Long trip long drive to sing this song to you.
Must think I'm crazy.
Well I am.
I'm going to see this farther.
I'm going to make this work.
Told you this once.
Told you this twice.
Over and over it's my word.
Cross my heart and I hope to die and I hope to die.
Cross my heart.
This is my late night makeout.
Will we find.
Someone new.
But here we are I'm kissing you.
Before I leave.
Before I'm gone.
Consuming myself with these things that fell apart.
How did I find someone like you.
This is my late night makeout.
These sebring nights could last forever

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