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The Future Is Not What It Used To Be

This song is by Ronnie Milsap and appears on the album It Was Almost Like a Song (1977).

I left Decatur helping to forget her
Bought a ticket to Skowhegan, Maine
I wound up in Seattle too drunk and too rattled
To know that I caught the wrong train.

I met some fast easy women and some hard drinking men
Trying to drown the sorrow in me
Ah I once had a lot but the future is not
Not what it used to be.

Ah the years they went by and I went steadily down
Till I had no place to go
Made the soup lines by morning and the dives every night
Wrecking my body and soul.

And then I met a lady and in time she made me forget
Yes her love set me free
Ah we ain't got a lot but the future is not
Not what it used to be.

Oh I never thought I could live to get over
For the past cut a hole deep in me
But there's a chance I'll be here a while longer
At least now I wanna be.

Somebody told me that you were in town
I found out today
And you know that I'm sorry to hear that you're down
But what can I say.

That I know your sorrow and I know your pain
Don't you know I know your need
I used to love you a lot but the furture is not
Not what it used to be...

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