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Just In Case

This song is by Ronnie Milsap and appears on the album Night Things (1975) and on the album 40 Number 1 Hits (2000).

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Just in Case
It's over I know you're going
If you can't stay I don't want you too
I won't miss you no I don't care where you go
But where you goin' just in case I do
I'm glad you've got friend there in town
And I hope he'll be good to you
Don't you worry I won't worry 'bout you
But what's a number just in case I do
It's good you're gonna be happy
You're right it's the right thing to do
And you couldn't really be happy
If you thought I still care for you
I know you don't love me anymore
Well that's all right 'cause I don't love you
And I don't care if you'll ever come back again
But I'll be here just in case you do
Yeah I'll be here just in case you do


Written by:

Hugh Moffatt

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