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Feelings Change

This song is by Ronnie Milsap and appears on the album Keyed Up (1983).

Feelings change, nothing stays the same
Feelings change, someone took my place
That's just the way love goes
I'll make it I suppose
You're not to blame, feelings change.

Hearts will mend, I'll learn to love again
And in the end we can still be friends
It's no longer me and you, we did all we could do
But it's okay, feelings change.

Love makes sweet memories
I'd do it all again
But you know what you need
I've tried to understand.

Feelings change, I watched you walk away
Feelings change, but how long will it take
Each night I lie awake... if only for my sake
I hope and pray feelings change
Each night I lie awake if only for my sake
I hope and pray, feelings change.

Feelings change, whoa, feelings change, feelings change...

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