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Golden Classics (1994)Edit

Ronnie Dove - Golden Classics

Golden Classics

  1. One Kiss For Old Times Sake
  2. Right Or Wrong
  3. Mountain Of Love
  4. Say You
  5. Hello Pretty Girl
  6. A Little Bit Of Heaven
  7. I Really Don't Want To Know
  8. Kiss Away
  9. Cry
  10. Rise And Shine
  11. Let's Start All Over Again
  12. One More Mountain To Climb
  13. Heartache Going Downtown
  14. I'll Make All Your Dreams Come True
  15. Happy Summer Days
  16. I Want To Love You For What You Are
  17. Can I Lean On You?
  18. When Liking Turns To Loving
  19. My Babe
  20. Long Enough To Say Goodbye

Collection Part 1 (1996)Edit

  1. She Only Makes Me Love You More
  2. All Of Me
  3. I Had To Lose You (To Find That I Need You)
  4. If I Live To Be A Hundred
  5. If I Cried Everytime You Hurt Me
  6. A Little Bit Of Heaven
  7. All
  8. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)
  9. Where In The World
  10. It's Almost Tomorrow
  11. One Kiss For Old Times' Sake
  12. Wish I Didn't Have A Heart
  13. I Have Something To Give You
  14. In A Million Different Ways
  15. The Minute You're Gone
  16. I'm Learning How To Smile Again
  17. Kiss Away
  18. I Think Its Gonna Rain
  19. Put My Mind At Ease
  20. They Can't Love Like You And Me
  21. How I Wish The Nights Were Longer
  22. I'll Make All Your Dreams Come True

Collection Part 3 (1996)Edit

Ronnie Dove - Collection Part 3

Collection Part 3

  1. Hello Pretty Girl
  2. There's No One Out There For Me
  3. To Each His Own
  4. Baby, Put Your Arms Around Me
  5. No Greater Love
  6. Right Or Wrong
  7. I'll String Along With You
  8. Keep It A Secret
  9. Bluebird
  10. I Believed In You
  11. Sweeter Than Sugar
  12. Say You
  13. I Remember
  14. A Short Walk From Heaven
  15. Slowly
  16. Angel In Your Eyes
  17. New Old-Fashioned Love
  18. Songs We Sang As Children
  19. Add Love
  20. You Made Me Love You
  21. Drina (Take Your Lady Off For Me)
  22. I Don't Hurt Anymore
  23. I'll Be Around
  24. Lover Boy

30 Blasts from the Past (2009)Edit

  1. Mountain of Love
  2. One Kiss for Old Times Sake
  3. In a Million Different Ways
  4. All
  5. Right or Wrong
  6. Wish I Didn't Have a Heart
  7. I Had to Lose You (To Find That I Need You)
  8. I Won't Cry Anymore
  9. They Can't Love Like You and Me
  10. Sweeter Than Sugar
  11. How I Wish the Nights Were Longer
  12. I Found You
  13. Years of Tears
  14. She Only Makes Me Love You More
  15. Back from Baltimore
  16. Autumn Rhapsody
  17. I'll String Along With You
  18. What's Wrong With My World
  19. If I Live to Be a Hundred
  20. Almost Paradise
  21. Long After
  22. Keep It a Secret
  23. Baby Put Your Arms Around Me
  24. That Empty Feeling
  25. I'm the One Who Taught You How
  26. Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)
  27. If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me
  28. The Wedding Song
  29. A Little Bit of Heaven
  30. Tell the Lady I Said Goodbye

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