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Gonna Get What's Mine

This song is by Ron Sexsmith and appears on the album Grand Opera Lane (1991).

Well, you know I got brains but I don't always use them
I could lend them to you but you're liable to lose them
Well, you and me, we are made of the very same stuff
I've been a sucker too long, yes, I've had enough

Give me time
Give me time
I'm going to get what's mine

I'm going down to the track, babe, I feel like a winner
And I won't be back till the hair is thinner
For once in my life I'm going to say this parade I can't listen
For once in my life I swear you're all going to listen

Well, we've come much too far, babe, can't go any further
And we cannot go a foot down and we can't go back either
But forgive me, I'm sorry for bringing you here to this mess
All we can do now is expect the worse and hope for the best

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