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Disappearing Act

This song is by Ron Sexsmith and appears on the album Cobblestone Runway (2002).

Some say you've got to lose to win
Any moment now our luck will stumble in
And claim us at the lost and found
And help us all get our feet back on the ground

Disappearing act
I want my money back
Disappearing act
I wish life had warned us long ago
We're only one half of a disappearing act

Who pulled the rug out under us?
Maybe all the time in the world ain't quite enough
One day you're saying, "Look, ma, no hands"
Then it's, "Help me, ma, I just don't understand"

And when you hear "The Saints Go Marching In"
As you're walking down your street again
No magic wand can make it stop
And as your house of cards comes crashing down
So loud it makes you turn around
Look longer, think harder now

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