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Almost Always

This song is by Ron Sexsmith and appears on the album Ron Sexsmith (1995) and on the compilation album Rarities (2003).

Almost always is a state I'm living in
Where everything begins at once and no one ever wins
We don't see how it started and we have to leave before it ends
Almost always we have to start again

Almost always there's a snag on the way
There's a catch to every good time in the fine print of the day
And if there's a silver lining somewhere in all of this
Almost always we find it out too late

More than likely they'll be trouble over yonder
It's just a fact of life
More than likely your thoughts are going to wander
From the song to a daydream and back to life

Almost always there's a reason to believe
As I awake to find a little angel is tugging at my sleeve
All over the breakfast and the coffee, no perspective I can see
Almost always love is everything you need

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