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Pop Champagne (Remix)

This song is by Ron Browz.

(Feat. Ludacris, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana)

Ron Browz:
Stuntin out of control, that's how it's goin' down.
Cage and Luda, Big Ups to Ron Browz.
At the pool party chillen, she takin' off their towelz.
1 booty, 2 booty, 3 booty... POwwww.
And it's about to get wild, hot tub chillen with bubbles and crystal.
About to do it Kinky, manag with two gals.
Double up a chocholate carmal swirl.
Hot 16, you can tell I'm a freak,
I'm a big boy girl, you can tell I like to eat.
This is a grown man's game, lil boy go to sleep.
But don't trip shawty, I'm so so street.
Not the ordinary ordinary I.N.D
Just like I like to keep a flock of them dimes around me.
I keep the four pound ready, hit them goons on speed.
Na, Na, Na, Na, that's a hot 16.
I Only did 12 but that's a hot 16.
Give me the corkscrew baby I'm a pop champagne
Na, Na, Na, Na, now that's a hot 16.
Luda, Luda, Luda

Hot 16, They call me hot 16, I'm Mr. Hot 16
LUDA, Give you a hot 16.
I made the forbes list, I know you seen it, 8 figures so if I say it you know I mean it
Every verse is fishscale, I triple beam it
Then I freeze my hand up and pinkie ring it
When from no body on the block to super stardum
Now I got women in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Harlem
Hit me crib on the Hudson, only if you worthy
I put 3 on their backs like an iverson jersey, LUDAAA haha
I Pop champagne, girl I really love it how you pop that thang
Tell the DJ to never stop that thang, So you can back it up and just drop that thang.
Rock that thang, lock that thang, then not even patrick willis can block that thang
Got my balls on my back when I cop that thang, take ya to home base and sock that thang.
And that's my hot 16, they call me hot 16
(Hey), I'm mr hot 16, give you a hot 16
My hot 16, (Hey) I'm mr hot 16
Oh! give you a hot 16, LUDa, that's your hot 16

Jim Jones:
When I go to the dealer ya know I cop that (what's that)
Brand new reeri and the roof drop back (360)
Came through Halrem like the roof top back (ehhyo)
Money In the bank now you know I stop that (stop that, stop that, stop that)
Now we tryin' to get up in the club, tryin' to tell me no bcause I'm rollin' with the thugs (got money bitch)
So I flash a couple of dollas, tell dem we only want tables and we buyin out the bottles (oh)
But y'all know the order, tell dem ten rollzas and a few cold waters. (right)
Trolly tron and acouple of lemons, ten thousand dollars stuffed up in the denims (what else)
Standin on couchs, couple of women, we was ballin' hard and it was only the ninth inning (it's early)
I told shawty we can be friends, your friends can meet my friends (what else)
We can do this on a weekend or a week day, we can do this on the freeway, get it in the freak way, shit you can get it all three ways
Black berry two ways, souped up cars on the through way, we superstar no lupe
We can do this on the duet, y'all be the singers, I'm the mic, let me dim the lights
This was in the car when I was stoppin' at the light

Ron Browz:
Pop champagne, Ohoh, Pop champgane
Pop champagne, Ohoh, Pop champgane
Pop champagne, Ohoh, Pop champgane
Pop champagne, Ohoh, Pop champgane

Juelz Santana:
Baby I wanna see you work, see you dance
Without no shirt, wihtout those pants
Pop champagne ain't a damn thang change
Spread it in the air, make the champgane rainnn
Buckets of ice keep the champgane cool,
Mami got a body see that damn thang mova
It's no sex in the champgane room, says who
Baby I brake all rules
Bring it her and I'll brake off you
She see me in vip wanna brake on through (face it)
When see with you, she bet she fake it
When see me with me, she like it she never fake it

Ron Browz:
I wanna see you dance, see you dance
I wanna see you dance, see you dance

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