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It's no wonder that I sing better than any other singer
for I am the one whose heart is most strongly drawn towards love
and the most obedient to Love's law
Heart and body, intellect and instinct
strength and power, all these have I engaged
And the bridle steers me so strongly to love that I
pay no attention to anthing else

When see her, it's visible in my eyes
my face, my color
because I tremble with fear like a leaf in the wind
I have no more sense than a babe
so dominated am I by love
and for a man so vanquished
a lady should have great sollicitude

Oh, God! If it were only possible
to separate out the true lovers and the false
and if the flatterers and cheats only wore horns
in the middle of their foreheads
All the gold in the world, all the silver
if I had them, I would give them away
so that my lady could see how truly I love her

Good Lady, I ask you nothing else but
that you take me as your servant
so that I could serve you as a good master