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In praise of my Frances
I'll sing to you on a new note
O young hind that gambols gaily
In the solitude of my heart
Be adorned with wreaths of flowers
O delightful woman
By whom our sins are washed away!
As from a benign Lethe
I shall drink kisses from you
Who were given a magnet's strength
When a of vices
Was sweeping down on every path
You appeared, O divinity!
Like the star of salvation
Above a disastrous shipwreck
I shall place my heart on your altar!
Reservoir full of virtue

Fountain of eternal youth
Restore the voice to my mute lips!
You have burned that which was filthy
Made smooth that which was rough
Strengthened that which was weak
In my hunger you are the inn
In the darkness my lamp
Lead me always on virtue's path
Add your strength now to my strength
Sweet bath scented
With pleasant perfumes!
Shine forth from my loins
O cuirass of chastity
hat was dipped in seraphic water
Cup glittering with precious stones
Bread seasoned with salt, delectable dish
Heavenly wine - my Frances