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Lil' Romeo (2001)Edit

Romeo - Lil' Romeo
Lil' Romeo
  • as Lil' Romeo
  1. Intro
  2. Little Star
  3. My Baby
  4. The Girlies
  5. That's Kool (Remix)
  6. Somebody's in Love
  7. Make You Dance
  8. My First (Remix)
  9. I Want to Be Like You
  10. Little Souljas Need Love Too
  11. Your ABC's
  12. When I Get Grown
  13. Remember
  14. Where They At
  15. Game
  16. Don't Want To
  17. What
  18. Take My Pain Away

Game Time (2002)Edit

Romeo - Game Time
Game Time
  • as Lil' Romeo
  1. Intro
  2. Too Long
  3. Play Like Us
  4. True Love
  5. Clap Your Hands
  6. Girlfriend and Boyfriend
  7. Bring It
  8. Wanna Grow Up
  9. Still Be There
  10. Commercial
  11. Feel Like Dancing
  12. Richie Rich
  13. My Biz
  14. Throw Em Up
  15. We in There
  16. Where They At 2
  17. Make You Dance
  18. 2 Way
  19. We Can Make It Right

Romeoland (2004)Edit

Romeo - Romeoland
  • as Lil' Romeo
  1. Romeoland (Intro)
  2. Whoodihoop
  3. My Cinderella
  4. The One
  5. My Girlfriend
  6. Missin' You
  7. Bobblehead
  8. Rich Boyz
  9. Let Me Shine
  10. Like You
  11. Can't Stop Us
  12. My Crush
  13. So Fly
  14. If I Try
  15. Stumped Out (Hidden bonus track)

Lottery (2006)Edit

Romeo - Lottery
  1. U Can't Shine Like Me
  2. Slow It Down
  3. Shine
  4. Hood Star
  5. Away
  6. Letter
  7. Lottery
  8. Rome
  9. So Long
  10. Recipe

God's Gift (2006)Edit

Romeo - God's Gift
God's Gift
  1. Won't Stop, Can't Stop
  2. Girl (featuring Chip)
  3. Rock Wit It (featuring Playa, C-Los and Master P)
  4. Tell da Band
  5. Country 'n' Gutta (featuring Benji and Lil Boosie)
  6. Get Money (featuring C-Los)
  7. Bring It
  8. Stallione (featuring T-BO, Bblak and Gangsta)
  9. Sittin' Low (featuring Lil D)
  10. U Can't Shine Like Me (featuring Young V and C-Los)
  11. Any Time Any Place (featuring Skooby Doo)
  12. Fitted Cap (featuring Rich Boyz)
  13. Confident
  14. We Can

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Faith
  2. Just A Kid
  3. Romeo Show Theme
  4. Static Shock Theme
  5. Won't Grow Up
  6. Away (Remix)
  7. Baby (Remix)
  8. Bring It to the Back (Bow Wow Diss)
  9. Can't Shine Like Me
  10. Cock Blockin
  11. Drip Drop
  12. Dumb N da Club
  13. Get Low Wit It
  14. I Need a Stallion
  15. I'm Here
  16. I'm So Fly
  17. I'm the Baddest
  18. Mama Said
  19. Need 2 Be There
  20. No Good 4 Me
  21. Noche De Sexo
  22. Pops I'm a Hustla
  23. Pops, I'm a Hustla
  24. Pullin' Up
  25. Road to the Richest
  26. Say It to My Face
  27. She Likes Me
  28. Special Girl
  29. Tell the Band
  30. The Answer Is Yes
  31. When She Smiles

Additional information

Artist information:


Real name:

Romeo is a performance name for Percy Romeo Miller, Jr..

Also known as:

Maserati RomeLil' RomeoLil RomeoRome

Years active:


Record labels:

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