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The Torture Detachment

This song is by Rome and appears on the album Confessions D'Un Voleur D'Ames (2007).

Is this some kind of confession?
Am I obliged to let you speak?
Are you still wondering whether
Our actions are ever
Completely pure?
How could I be sure

When all thieves lose their composure
When starvation is forcing its way through the trees
All the way down to the beach
Mourn for me
As the sounds fall asleep
Smother me
With your mad charity
With your poisonous mercy
Smother me with charity

So we seek out the lonely roads
To rush towards the useless
And leave this riot of blossoms
To the simple minds

If you decide to accept my offer
To understand this sacrifice
Think of me as inanimate matter
To hide me from their lies

So let me yearn for you
As you have yearned for me
This storm has left us stranded
But there's method to this madness
Torture me with their ugliness
And their dreams hidden from the eyes of men
What courage
What foolishness
What strength

...Es gibt einen Weg in die Freiheit...

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