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The River Eternal

This song is by Rome and appears on the album A Passage To Rhodesia (2014).

Into the glowing Darkness
We travel the shining black serpent
That plugs us straight into the heart of this nightmare.
At the end of this river is the end of this war
Its banks peopled with the dreams of men
Now penetrating the stillness
Throwing seeds into the wounds of the ruined land
Watching the jungle slide by
Passing the thundering smoke of the Falls

At the end of this river
It will only smell of sickness and slow death
We were wrong, beyond wrong
To try and create a paradise, a calm on this raging stream
Everything's gone now
Even the bonds born out of terror
Even within this darkest of hearts
Upon this sleepless river

If only this were just madness
If only, if only...

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