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The Ballad Of The Red Flame Lily

This song is by Rome and appears on the album A Passage To Rhodesia (2014).

On this day all the trees in Rhodesia are aflame
As the eyes of the griever
With flowers of aching replete
And my mind's overflowing with vengeance
For to pine is not an occupation but a sentence
And in time we will all be faking retreat

Have you got rid of it yet?
This faith corroded with neglect
Can we ever hide the hurt?
At least at night the harvest sun's yoke
Is rising like rebel smoke
Beyond the oceans in swirls

And it will shame us now
And it will shame us still
It was wrong to come here
I was wrong to come here

What a hollow promise from hollow men
What a shallow grave for shallow men
You're the bull that paws the earth
The leopard that teaches to run
You're the crocodile that eats the sun

So we walk on through and beyond the failures of men
And we know there's a void at the centre of everything