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Lullaby For Georgie

This song is by Rome and appears on the album A Passage To Rhodesia (2014).

At the first light of dawn
I'll get my clothes out of pawn
For as we grow older
The rats grow bolder
And when they sound the retreat
I'll get you out of this heat
For they might sent us alone
Into what won't be home

O, Rhodesia, were you ever mine?
I thought you should know that we
Are now guiltily wolfing your poetry
Oh, Rhodesia, buried in the sands of time
I thought you should know that we
Are now hastily chasing each memory

Always guarded by another man's sons
We felt it dishonorable for one
To stay out of it and how could it be wrong?
But we were fighting on the wrong side of a losing war and time
Has made orphans of us all
Has made cripples of us all

I just won't flee down south
Where the oceans collide
To die a broken man
To die a sorry man

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