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Le Voile De L'Oubli

This song is by Rome and appears on the album Confessions D'Un Voleur D'Ames (2007).

I was made to distrust
Both my will and my lust
In the shades of sorrow
In the feasts of the morrow
I found a new master
Who knew how to command
I am that master
At my command
The beasts that guard the staircase
These soldiers on guard
Are at my service
And were built to last
Don't need your religion
Of immobility and sleep
I was made to conquer
I was made to be free
You lie in anger
Fat and swollen
To flatter and to deceive
My will was stolen from me

"...Was aus uns wird ist zweitrangig, ist nicht von Bedeutung. Man wird auch uns vergessen, man wird auch uns für ein Gerücht halten
...Alles was vorher war, alles was auch wir kannten... wird zum reinen Gerücht werden"

You'll find me in the orchards
At the doorway to doubt
At the threshold of consciousness
In the black wolves howl

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