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Hate Us And See If We Mind

This song is by Rome and appears on the album A Passage To Rhodesia (2014).

We could never have won this
We were fighting blind
Now we all but conquered fate,
So hate us and see if we mind
Washing off the dust
Like the first rains of the rainy season
And encircling rage and reason
We postponed our grieving
But the rains never seemed to come

To have you here, to make you see
The wild hopes we hold - it's all over

What care for glory, what care for thee
By now you know, it's all over

To this house of stone we flock
Hiding like the snails between the reeds and rocks
And they'll be searching the valleys in vain
As we'll be waiting for the rain
A nation reborn, a lame shepherd
One must wait and go for the throat when hunting leopard
But now we're blinking back each tear
There's no changing the balance of fear

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