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This song is by Rome and appears on the album The Hyperion Machine (2016).

Years have come and gone, but thoughts are lingering
You're like a murmur trapped inside
And it does seem like the more I'm tinkering
The harder it gets to stem the tide

Fanfanfan det skulle varit du
Fanfanfan det skulle varit du

Know that I wish I were able
To just turn back time
And if I were back at that table
I'd surely play that hand of mine

And all the bells would ring
And all the angels would sing
And we would walk as queen and king
And the drums' thunder
It would rip asunder
All the doubts and hesitating

Time drives flocks from field to fold
Makes rivers rage and passions grow old
Makes hope a fool and sorrow wise
One never gets that chance twice


Written by:

Thåström (lyrics and music) / Rome (translation and re-arrangement)

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