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Families Of Eden

This song is by Rome and appears on the album Die Æsthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit (2011).

I grew up in a world
That smelled of the sea
I was a plunderer then
In grave gowns, in small jealousies
I found subservience
And the cold came with it
And it kept its menace secret

Priests and police
There's not much hope
In their kind of tomorrow
And what's left of yours
You must tie to your dream
Our hope, it travels in a song

Man hat uns ins Feuer gebracht
Warum hast du uns verlassen?

And we roam about like thirsty winds
Like some boisterous race
And pass scrapbook bonfires
Some things always survive the flames
And we are not afraid of ruins
For we will inherit the earth
And we carry the new world within us

No matter how invincible
You deem yourselves
You will break
Just like the twigs you worship
Tied into bundles with the master's ax

Man hat uns ins Feuer gebracht
Aber von deiner Heiligen Schrift
Wollte niemand ablassen

I grew up in a world
That smelled of the sea
I had many brothers then
Now I have all of Europe
Come now, come
Through the thickening fire
Into the violent night

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