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Merciful Man

This song is by Roman Candle.

I guess, I might start walking back
Past the fenced in Pontiacs
Like a lover waiting to be reconciled
There's a couple up ahead above

A laugh, the woman said
"Nothing lasts like the memory of a child"
But oh I hear the footsteps below
A girl with a soldier late walking home

If only my eyes know the truth
Then I have seen better days then youth
Maybe this time moves in horizontal lines
'Cause I'm a passenger in the van

Maybe I can be a merciful man
I feel the hot air sound of tongues
And I've got London in my lungs
And I'm feeling like a sketch of a roller coaster car

With the vinyl foam and tar
Waiting uphill for the chain to catch
And oh I hear footsteps below a bottle
Across the pavement and the quiet voices go


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