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Lifting Me Up

This song is by Roma Waterman.

Some days, it's hard not to hang my weary head
Darkness can cloud all the vision that I had
So I close my eyes knowing you will come

Where is the child who found it easy to believe
Where did the years go the laughter and the dreams
Somewhere deep inside they are only hiding
I won't stay the same, I've a reason to believe

I'll rise on the wings of a new day dawning
I'll fly to the dream within my heart that's calling
Lifting me up, lifting me higher

I'll take to the hope that will rise to meet me
Day after day I'll be closer to heaven
You're lifting me up, I'm living the dreaming here?

I can be strong as I swim against the tide
I can have joy through these tears that I have cried
If you're here with me I can still believe

You hold my hands and the life that they have made
You hold my dreams, I will never be afraid
I will find my way to a brighter day


Written by:

Naylor Andrew; Waterman Roma Connie

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