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Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad)

This song is by Roger Taylor.

Here comes a dude
Get a look at that guy
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
Na na ba ba ba da da da

Give me 'b' give me 'a' give me'd'
Give me one two three
Give me one two three

Now there was a young man from Dundee
Got stung on the knee by a wasp
And asked if it hurt said no not a bit
He can do it again if he wants to
Again if he wants to
Do it again if he wants to
It's bad
Real bad

It's a crazy world full of crazy dudes
If we all get crazy we can boogie through

Say give me two sharp pencils
Give me peace for days
It's bad
That's bad
Get bad

All right
That's bad
Get bad
Not bad

There's a cute young chick from ??????
Went for a swim in a lake
When a man in a punt stuck the pole over the edge
Said you can't swim here it's private
That's bad
Get bad

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