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Hard Headed Me

This song is by Roger Miller and appears on the album The Return Of Roger Miller (1965).

Well he gave me fair warning he said let him alone
But I'd had one too many and refuse to go home
Then I said somethin' awful and then so did he
And he hit me and hurt me and my eyes couldn't see
Hard hard headed me I spoke out of turn once too often
I'd be better off in my coffin hard headed me

Well she gave me fair warning many times my wife said
She said if you aim to keep me quit your fool hearty ways
I said now listen woman you better leave me alone
How long is forever that's how long she'll be gone
Hard hard headed me...
(Pa pa pa pa)
Then they gave me fair warning all the folks in my town
They said if you ain't gonna straighten up we're gonna expel one clown
I said now just a minute here you can't do me this way
How far is to the next town I'm walking that away
Hard hard headed me...

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