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It's a Hard Life

This song is by Roger Daltrey and appears on the album Daltrey (1973) and on the album Martyrs & Madmen: The Best Of Roger Daltrey (1997).

Writers: Leo Sayer and David Courtney

It's A hard life
When you feel down
And nobody understands you
They leave you hanging around
You waste all your days
Miss all your nights
Sit round just dreaming
You can do nothing right

It's a hard life
When your alone
Cramped in your lonely little room
Under dressed like a bone
You Walk in the streets
And people are so blind
Won't give you there penny
They just don't have the time

Ooh It's a hard life
Up on the road
You better check it well first
Before you meet all the blows
For you won't like the walkin'
You'll get caught in the rain
But the steep on the highway
Lord you wish you never came

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