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Holding On

This song is by Roger Chapman and appears on the album Hybrid And Lowdown (1990).

Daylight comes easing the pain
Go to work, try to pick up again on the single life
How did I do it all then?

Now when the cold wind burns into your bones
It's a sign to wish you weren't so lonely
Yes the night time brings its own regret
Little things you can't forget but keep holding on
Yes you keep holding on

But you tell yourself when the eagle flies
That you'll be lost in someone else's eyes
Who will help you sweep away the longing
For another heart that's been and gone but keeps
Holding on yes and keeps holding on
And for a time out there your memory skims
To a wisp of hair blowing in the wind and keeps
Holding on - holding on
And it keeps holding on - holding

Well the whistle blows but you can't return
To that haunted room where memories burn
So instead of home you head for town
For some hide-away to hang around and keep holding on
Yes and keep holding on
Maybe a flashing eye or some pretty face
Just one more beer might take the place of this
Holding on - holding on
And it keeps holding on - holding
Holding on - holding on
Holding on - holding


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