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A World Without Fences

This song is by Roger Bart and appears on the Disney soundtrack Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure (2001).

Far from,
Here is,
Where I want to be.
Out there,
Loose and running,
Nobody's leash to hold me,
Nobody's hugs to crush me,
Nobody's soap,
And scratchy combs
To bathe and brush me,

A world without fences,
Where I can run free,
And be with real dogs,
Will bring the real dog out in me,
No walls and no boundries,
Where I can be free,
A world without
Walls or fences,
That's exactly,
Where I want to be.

This pup,
Just wont,
Sleep his life away,
On some,
Like his father,
Too many bones to chew up,
Too many smells to sample.
Too many fancy flower beds to rip and trample.

No rules to control me,
Thats not what I want to be,
A world without fences,
Thats the world I want for me.

No rules,
No responsibilities,
On my own,
Completely free.
A world without fences,
For meeeeeee.

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