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Older Women

This song is by Rodney Carrington and appears on the album Morning Wood (2000).

I like older Woman How 'bout you?
19's are good to look at,
But they'er to young for my lovin'
20's are fun but they're not quite done,
You gotta stick them back in the oven
At 33 they're divorced and Free,
But now they hate all men
But at 42 they love to screw!
But wanna get married again!
Oh I like older Woman How 'bout you?
Hey at 59 they're lookin' fine,
But they're still not a winner.
But man alive as 65,
You get a discount when you take'em to dinner
At 78 they're looking great!
Bending over with their gravy ladle.
But if your talking chicks and 86!
You know your still robbing the cradle!
Yeah I like older Woman the older they are the better!
Gotta take out the teeth to give you're a kiss
Or nit you a brand new sweater!
Hey there hose smells just like cornbread
Thier hair is a pretty shade of Glue.
I go insane when they walk with a cane,
In othapedic shoes!
Have you ever made love in an afghan?
With all your toes a pokin' through
It's that feeling I get
Lord I swear that make my pecker grow an Inch or two!
I like older Woman how 'bout you?!

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