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Hungry Ghost Eyes

This song is by Roddy Frame.

The hungry ghosts that haunt the working day
Who want it most and want it yesterday
Will seduce you with your power, crush you like a flower
Here comes payday
You're headed for a taste of bittersweet times
The sun and moon'll never rise to deadlines
And wellin' up within will come the taste of nearly winning
Perfume and saline...

And every little tear is like an ocean
That falls beyond the reach of our emotions
A place within a place where everybody bears
A trace of every promise ever broken

You say it doesn't touch you but you seem so sore
Maybe you don't wanna be touched anymore
The world is waitin' but you"ve seen it all before...
With your hungry ghost eyes, your hungry ghost eyes

In the city there's no place to hide
From a world defined by foolish pride
You say it's what you choose because you couldn't bear to lose
And so your soul's denied
Out on the bridge beyond the bottom line
I started thinkin' 'bout what wasn't mine
My lips were gettin' drier, the boulevards were hummin'
With the sound of sheer desire, we've really got it comin'

This paste and copy world has lost its meaning
Where things are only ever what they seem
It's bound to bring you down when every word that seemed profound
Suggests the sound of someone schemin'

You say that your ambition's gonna get you free
Instead of sittin' wishin' for what you can't be
You wanna buy it but your soul can see
Into your hungry ghost eyes, your hungry ghost eyes

You say you've found something that could set you free
You're gonna sit and wish for what you want to be
You're itchin' to believe it but you still can't see
You're mixin' up the money with the mystery
But there's a little biddy Buddha where there didn't used to be
I hope your hungry ghost eyes meet his innermost smile

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