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​Can I Get A Witness?

This song is by Rod Stewart and appears on the album A Little Misunderstood - The Sixties Sessions (2001).

This song is a cover of "Can I Get a Witness" by ​Marvin Gaye.
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Can I Get A Witness?
Listen everybody, especially you girls
Do you liked to be left alone
By the one you love, never phone
I love to holler
My friends sometimes say
That I believe, I believe
That a woman should love that way
Well it hurts me so inside
Ya' see I treat you so unkind
Somebody somewhere
I tell ya it ain't fair

Can I get a witness
Can I get a witness
I want a witness
I want a witness
Witness, witness
Somebody somewhere
Well all you ... agree
Said this ain't the way love's supposed to be
Let me hear ya
Let me hear ya say yeah
I want a witness
Get a witness
I feel all right
One more time
Just a one more time
A little bit louder, baby
A little bit louder
Well it hurts me so inside
To see love to be so unkind
Somebody somewhere
It ain't fair

Jump up early in the morning
With it on my mind

Written by:

Holland, Dozier, Holland