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Wait Out The Days

This song is by Rocky Votolato and appears on the album Makers (2006).

When the memory is a blank page
And the teeth in your
Mouth are all cliches
You heart is a bag of rocks
Soul is a pile of ashes on the sidewalk
There's an eagle
Scout project
I used to come to to feel some kind of magic
Now a story less - we'll wait out the days
Wait out the days
Till death comes to claim
Anything that
Life didn't already take
You can wait out the days
The catch 22s are all catching up with you
They're laying
All over the middle ground
You were walking on to avoid
Em and it's too late to turn around
On the corner of Morisson
There's a shop that sells bracelets and little glass ornaments
Looking in you can feel the magic and wait out the days

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