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The Night's Disguise

This song is by Rocky Votolato and appears on the album Makers (2006).

The clouds are holding up the dawn
They're stilts or crutches
I can't tell which one
To keep the short days looking longer
Or to keep the sunlight from falling on broken legs
But the
Night's disguise is wearing thin
Caught me looking through
Your eyes
No I'm not doing all right
I'm just as stupid and
Desperate as I've always been
All the uselessness I write
Just come at me with a knife
Come cut this sickness from my
Help me forget about a shattered lie
Bleed my failure
Into something right
The boss man said there's no more work
This winter
So go on home now and check back in the spring
Some dreams turned out to be a nightmare that you can't afford
So it's coming in on a credit card
Get yourself all prettied up
My love
Come here close let me tie that ironed ribbon
On the
Dress I bought you it's the perfect one
For the perfect night
With the perfect woman
But the night's disguise is wearing thin

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