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Seconds of Pleasure (1980)Edit

Rockpile - Seconds Of Pleasure
Seconds of Pleasure
  1. Teacher Teacher
  2. If Sugar Was as Sweet as You
  3. Heart
  4. Now and Always
  5. A Knife and a Fork
  6. Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)
  7. Wrong Again (Let's Face It)
  8. Pet You and Hold You
  9. Oh What a Thrill
  10. When I Write the Book
  11. Fool Too Long
  12. You Ain't Nothing But Fine
  13. Take a Message to Mary
  14. Crying in the Rain
  15. Poor Jenny
  16. When Will I Be Loved?

Other SongsEdit

  1. Crawling From The Wreckage
  2. They Called It Rock
  3. When Will I Be Loved

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