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Grizzly Man

This song is by Rockettothesky.

I've been watching him for seven days
His hands pale (hee-ho-hee-ho-hee-ho)
knuckles moving beneath the skin
foetuslike (hee-ho-hee-ho-hee-ho)

I've caught seven foxes

and placed them on the river bank
each night I give him one (hee-ho-hee-ho-hee-ho)
counting down the days till we are one
and clothe his heart in fur (hee-ho-hee-ho-hee-ho)

I sing of arms and the man his
arms that wake each morning
white-knuckled and that copy claw gestures
7 6 5
7 6 5
7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and here I go...

I take him in I take this body whole
so thin like a spine (hee-ho-hee-ho-hee-ho)
I thread him on inside of mine
and we are one and we are one (hee-ho-hee-ho-heeeee-ho)

and his is the fur at last I
see his eyes inside my mouth
even when he sneaks into my bones
forever unborn
now finally I am a mother

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