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This song is by Robyn Hitchcock and appears on the album Love From London (2013).

Ain't no money on the ceiling
Ain't no ceiling on the floor
Got that terrifying feeling
You don't love me anymore

You wanna get high
But you don't know just why

Ain't no whisky in the Talbot
Ain't no sugar in your tea
There's an answer to it all but
You're still mystifying me

You wanna get high
It's in the blood supply
And time'll go by
Like a neurone in the sky

Ain't no honey back in Norway
Ain't no kroner in your pants
Must have blown it in the doorway
On those sugar-coated ants

You wanna get high
And by now you know why
And if'n you try
Your mind just flows on by

And you're stupefied
Stupefied, oh yeah

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